Supercell might be worth 600 million

Finnish developer Supercell just can’t stay out of headlines these days it seems. Now the founders of the Helsinki-based studio, which was a relative unknown in the business just six months ago, are rumored to have received offers worth 600 million dollars for the company.

Known for its hugely successful mobile games Clash of Clans and Hay Day, Supercell’s daily revenue is estimated to be around the 750,000 dollar range, though Supercell CEO did not confirm the figure to Pandodaily.

According to Index Ventures partner Ben Holmes, Supercell might overtake the struggling mobile giant Zynga in the near future.

“They are one of the few companies, along with, who are now on a regular and reliable basis producing winning games. Both companies have very good shot at overtaking Zynga in terms of revenue, profits and valuation over the next year,” Holmes told Pandodaily.

Supercell was founded by games industry veterans with venture backing just two years ago, which makes the company’s newfound success sound even more astonishing.