Ina Bäckström named IT girl of the year

Ina Bäckström, one of the rising young stars in the Swedish gaming industry, was awarded the IT Girl of the year at the Universum Awards last night.

The Awards were held at Berns Salonger in Stockholm, and included presentations of prizes for the most attractive employers for students of economy, technology, computers science/IT, law and realty.

The show also included the presentation of the Microsoft-sponsored IT Girl or the Year award, which includes a trip to a technology show and various invitations to Microsoft events throughout the year.

This year the award went to Bäckström, a student at Futuregames Academy and one of the founders of BarCraft, the first e-sport bar in Sweden, as well as Frizone Gaming Guild that works to get more women into gaming.

“Being named IT Girl of the year gives me a stronger voice to affect people with, and I see it as a great opportunity to get more women interested in games,” Bäckström said. “I think it’s very important to get more girls into the games industry, not least to change how men and women are portrayed in games, which are after all one of the most influential entertainment businesses for young people.”

Per Larsson, Senior HR Manager at Microsoft Sweden, says about the award: ”Microsoft founded the prize for ’IT Girl of the year’ in order to encourage and inspire women to discover the IT business, and all the possibilities that IT offers. The ‘IT Girl of the year’ prize, which was awarded for the ninth time this year, goes to a female student who shows initiative, inspiration and who can become a role model for other girls who apply for an education in a business and an industry with endless possibilities.”