Fundedbyme Equity launches today

Fundedbyme today launches a new initiative, Fundedbyme Equity, in Sweden after overwhelming interest during the pre-rounds.

The idea is to try and take crowdfunding to the next level, allowing private individuals to be part of bit projects, not just huge venture capital companies, by investing comparatively small sums. This also potentially opens up startups to a much larger pool of investors.

“We are launching a model that will change the way that “old financing” used to work to fund companies into a better, leaner and more effective way of raising capital and creating early momentum,” says Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder of Fundedbyme. “We are really aiming at becoming the entrepreneurs best friend.”

You can find more info about the project, that could potentially impact the Nordic indie games market in a big way, much like previous crowdfunding projects have, on the Fundedbyme Equity page.