Dreamfall Chapters under development

Ragnar Törnquist, Funcom creative director and head of the newly started Red Thread Games, has been very active on Twitter the last few days, in the wake of getting caught in the storm Sandy in New York.

The tweets I’m thinking of were all about the new project that Red Thread is undertaking, Dreamfall Chapters. The game will be a new part in the Dreamfall saga of direct-control adventure games, and should hopefully be released sometime late 2013/early 2014 – but that’s just my guess. Below are some of the more relevant tweets regarding this, that I wanted to share with you, dear reader.

“Yep, it’s finally official. The sequel to Dreamfall is on its way from my new development studio Red Thread Games. More information soon!”

“Nope, I haven’t departed Funcom! I’m just juggling several balls; two companies and two projects. Funsies! Red Thread may be a new studio, but we’re all of us experienced game developers, and I did head up both Dreamfall and The Longest Journey!”

“We’ve also received 1M NOK ($175,000) from the Norwegian Film Institute to help fund the first stages of preproduction. Yay “

“No, Dreamfall Chapters won’t be an online game. It’s going to be a single-player PC/Mac adventure game through and through. We’re not planning on an episodic format. Dreamfall Chapters will be a full game…but not necessarily the final game in the saga.“

“Dreamfall Chapters will initially be developed for PC and Mac. We are looking at PS/Xbox versions as well, but that’s not a priority.
We’re still discussing game mechanics, but it will probably be direct control like Dreamfall — but better. Much better.”

“We are definitely doing a Kickstarter, some time early next year!”

“Hopefully we’ll be able to give you a first glimpse early next year…and we’ll definitely bring some of our favourite actors back. It won’t be out for a while yet, but we will have more information soon, I promise.”

Looks like Funcom (the logical choice to publish Dreamfall Chapters, thought nothing has been announced) and Ragnar Törnquist will continue to give us original, story-driven games like no-one else. Keep an eye on them, and follow Törnquist at @ragnartornquist on Twitter.