Bach new (temporary) DICE CEO

Swedens largest developer DICE temporarily changed their CEO, with former senior producer Patrick Bach stepping up to fill his colleague Karl Magnus Troedsson’s shoes while the latter is claiming his paternity leave. If the move seems somewhat surprising for people outside the company, DICE has a policy that encourages employees to stay at home with their newborn.

“I think it is a bit unique at a big company and certainly in the gaming industry, but we want the people working at DICE to see their job as a long time investment,” says Bach.

Patrick Bach, who will hold the position for about four months, claims that the gaming industry in general is short-sighted when it comes to the attitude towards employees and that a policy similar to DICE’s is beneficial for the entire industry. The new CEO also points out that things will be pretty much business as usual at DICE, despite the change in his role.

“We will be trying to spread out the tasks of the CEO on a number of people. I will of course be responsible for the results but we will split the daily tasks.”

The release of Battlefield 3 was mainly a great success and the effects of it can be felt around the office, according to Bach.

“The spirits are really high and we are very excited that the game was so successful, as we laid a lot on the line for it.”

Patrick Bach will now be monitoring the work of putting together Battlefield 3:s second DLC, called Close Quarters.