D-Day DLC for Iron Front

Koch and Deep Silver just announced a new DLC for the tactical World war II shooter Iron Front – Liberation 1944.

The DLC package is simply called D-Day, and takes the player to the western front during the war. The allied forces invade Normandy and fight the germans, and the player is in the thick of it. New vehicles like the P-47 Thunderbolt fighter-bomber and the Sherman tank provide support, but have to contend with new German equipment such as the legendary, nigh-impenetrable Tiger tank.

Iron Front – Liberation 1944 is a tactical shooter based on the ARMA II engine by Bohemia Interactive. The story takes place in southern Poland during the Soviet Offensive in the summer of 1944. The player takes on the role of a Russian or German infantryman, using teamwork, tactical skill and authentic war machines to battle for victory. The German campaign focuses on slowing the advance of the Soviet troops, while the Soviet campaign is all about breaking through the enemy’s resistance.

For more information, visit the Iron Front website.