Canceled ‘sexy’ Starbreeze campaign backfires

Yesterday, a video of models Sophie Agner and Nina Strauss surfaced on Youtube, dug up by gaming website FZ, seemingly from a Starbreeze marketing campaign for the upcoming Payday 2.

The video features the girls walking around the Overkill Studios offices, playing the game (or at least appearing to) and posing in front of a huge Overkill logo while posing, showing off their, ehm, assets and reading out a strangely stilted script in accented english. The lines are probably meant to be sexy, but the emotionless delivery and the bizarre circumstances makes the whole thing seem very odd and a little disturbing. No, scratch that, it makes it seem like the cynical, sexist crap it really is.

The idea behind the video was apparently to hold a contest where girls could apply for parts in a web series, where scantily clad girl fans did… something. Don’t ask me. But Eurogamer dug up a Linkedin ad, where girls are asked to audition for parts as gangsters, party girls and whores – in their own bikinis.

After this news was published all over the net, Starbreeze issued an official statement, which you can read in this excellent compilation of the facts at Eurogamer Sweden. They apparently do not condone this video, and will find out how it ended up on the web in the first place. “We gathered suggestions for various marketing ideas for the PAYDAY movie project. This film is, for obvious reasons, one of the ones we dismissed right away and turned down,” says Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson Klint.

Personally, I wonder how the video makers (who are still unknown) got access to the studio in the first place. Starbreeze and Overkill obviously thought that the idea was good enough to make and edit the video in the first place. Although perhaps that counts as ‘dismissed right away’ in their book. I just wonder how this piece of garbage got made, and how the producers got access to the Overkill premises when Starbreeze had shot down the idea. And did they produce it out of the goodness of their hearts, for free?

You can see the video in its moronic entirety on Youtube, unless it’s been taken down again.