MineCon 2012 is over

The Minecraft convention, MineCon 2012, was held at Disneyland Paris this year, and is now over.

The convention introduced some new details, and apart from the information on the long-awaited modding API, the most interesting were those about the upcoming update, 1.5, or the ‘Redstone update’ as it’s been called.

The update should be out in January 2013, and includes some weird and wonderful new uses for the Redstone ore, which lets you build various electronic circuits and connections in the game. The redstone signal will now have variable strength, and there will be a capacitor block that lets you build more advanced circuits – you’ll have to mine in the Nether for it, though, if you’re playing in Survival mode.

The update also includes better minecarts, a daylight detector and a whole load of bug fixes. For more info, keep an eye on the official Minecraft page over the next two months.