Fundedbyme Equity launches today

Fundedbyme today launches a new initiative, Fundedbyme Equity, in Sweden after overwhelming interest during the pre-rounds. The idea is to try and take crowdfunding to the next level, allowing private individuals to be part of bit projects, not just huge venture capital companies, by investing comparatively small sums. This also potentially opens up startups to … Read more

Mojang nominated again

Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, has recently moved to bigger offices. A move which netted them a nomination for yet another prize, only this time it’s not about games. ‘Sveriges snyggaste kontor 2012’ is an award for the best looking office space in Sweden, currently on its second year (no, I hadn’t heard of it … Read more

Supermarket selling pirated games

At the beginning of August, the largest Danish supermarket chain, Dansk Supermarked, put a retro joystick along with a collection of classic Amiga games on the shelves. This could have proven a nice retro gaming item but according to the IT news website Version 2, the disc provided by German game distributor Magnussoft contains several … Read more